Frequently Asked Questions

About Anchor

What’s so great about the Anchor Brand?

Anchor has been a trusted brand in New Zealand since 1886, and now is available in the United States. Anchor Butter is made in New Zealand with rBST-free milk from pasture-grazed cows and contains no additives.


Is Anchor Butter made in New Zealand?

Yes – the butter’s origin is New Zealand.


What makes New Zealand Butter different?

The mild, rainy climate in New Zealand results in an abundance of high quality grass. Our cows enjoy the benefits of a country where grazing outdoors is possible all year round.


Why is Grass-Fed Butter Different?

Color: Beta-carotene in the Grass gives the butter a golden yellow color. White colored butter is typically a sign that the cows have been grain fed.
Taste: The grass gives the butter a sweeter, creamier note.
Health Benefits: Higher CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid), Higher in Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamins A, D, E, K & K2.


Descriptions of the butters and how they differ

Anchor Salted Butter: Anchor Salted Butter is a great all-purpose butter that tastes great on its own spread on a warm piece of bread, but also has a flavor that will elevate all of your favorite dishes.
Anchor Unsalted Butter: The perfect companion in the kitchen, Anchor Unsalted Butter provides the creamy, rich flavor that only comes from butter made with cream from grass-fed cows.
Anchor Organic Butter: Anchor Organic Butter is made only with fresh organic cream and a touch of salt – nothing else is added. The result is a pure and natural butter taste. We then triple churn the butter to make it slightly softer – perfect for spreading, baking and cooking.


Who owns Anchor?

Anchor Butter is owned by Fonterra.


Does Fonterra produce any other dairy products?

Fonterra produces numerous dairy products that are sold across the globe. In the US, in addition to butter, Fonterra sells grass-fed Mainland Cheese. Our cheese is made from the same grass -fed cow’s milk as our butter, so it has the same nutritional properties and yellow appearance. You can learn more about our cheese here.


Butter Creation

Is Anchor Butter grass-fed?

Yes – our cows have access to pasture year round.


What type of cow’s milk is used for making the butter?

The cows that produce milk come from a variety of breeds. Thus, we use different types of cow’s milk.


Is the milk pasteurized before being used in butter making?

All milk used in butter making is pasteurized. Pasteurising heats the milk to 72°C and holds it at this temperature for 15 seconds. During pasteurisation all harmful bacteria are destroyed. The milk is also subjected to a number of other strict tests and quality controls to ensure its purity for use in butter.


Is the milk homogenized?

Yes – all the milk we use is homogenized.


What is Whey?

Whey is the water component of milk. It contains small amounts of salts, fat and proteins and is highly nutritious. Its components are used in whey butter and in the making of many other products such as baking ingredients, some medicines, animal feed, fertilisers etc.


Can you freeze Anchor Butter?

Yes – you can freeze our butter! For more tips on how to store Anchor Butter, visit Storage Tips.


Allergens and Dietary Restrictions

Is Anchor Butter lactose free?

No – our butter is not lactose free.


Is Anchor Butter gluten free?

There is not any gluten present in the formulation of our butter or in the production facility. However, our butter has not had tests done to be certifiably gluten free.


Is Anchor Butter soy free?

Yes – there is not any soy in the formulation of our butter.


Is Anchor Butter rBST free?

Yes – New Zealand does not allow the use of growth hormones (rBST). Our cows are not treated with Growth Hormones.


Is Anchor Butter antibiotic free?

New Zealand has strict controls around the use of antibiotics on farms, including with-holding times.


Is Anchor Butter pesticide free?

New Zealand has strict controls around the use of pesticides on farms, including with-holding times.


Is Anchor Butter GMO free?

GMO feed is strictly regulated in New Zealand.  There are currently no genetically modified commercial crops in New Zealand, and no fresh produce or meat sold that has been genetically modified. Imported food and ingredients derived from GMOs must be approved by a food safety authority and those that are approved for use must be clearly labelled on food packaging.


Is Anchor Butter organic?

Every step in the production process of our raw materials is closely monitored to guarantee that our milk is crafted to strict guidelines of New Zealand (Natural Organic Association New Zealand) standards. However, not all of our butter is certified USDA organic, but we do have an organic butter that is sold in the US.


Is Anchor Butter kosher?

Yes – our butter is kosher.


Is Anchor Butter halal?

Yes- our butter is halal.


What allergens are present in the production facility?

The only allergen present in our production facility is dairy.



*If you have more questions, feel free to Contact Us

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