Storage Advice

Storage Advice


Follow our storage tips to keep your Anchor™ Butter fresher for longer.

  • Keep away from overpowering odors, as they may taint the butter flavor.
  • Wrap in airtight container or cling wrap and store in the refrigerator.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight – as temperature rises, the fats in butter will slowly oxidize and the butter may become rancid.
  • Store butter below 15°F for as long as possible. This will slow the rate of oxidation, inhibit microbiological spoilage and help maintain a fresh butter flavor. Storing butter between 15°F and 32°F over time will increase the degree of butter surface primrosing.
  • Keep butter away from fluctuating temperatures to minimize the effects of temperature cycling on the butter texture.

Have you tried these recipes?


Butter Cream Frosting

Soft butter cream frosting, perfect for desserts.


Classic Almond Shortbread Cookies

These classic almond shortbread cookies are perfect for morning tea or entertaining guests.


Bacon & Chive Compound Butter

Bacon & Chive Compound Butter, serve on top of grilled steak, pork, or chicken.

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